Sweet Comforts: The Round-Up

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiastic response to Sugar High Friday #61: Sweet Comforts. With forty entries to raise your spirits, there’s no excuse for anyone ever feeling down-in-the-dumps again!

Here then are your favourite sweet-comfort recipes (ordered loosely according to date of entry):

Nina from My Easy Cooking puts together a heavenly combination of left-over plums, cinnamon and star anise topped with a fragrant and mysterious scoop of melting ice-cream in her Plum Tarte Tatin with Vanilla and Cardamom Ice-Cream.

Nupur from One Hot Stove describes a Rice Kheer that is as soft and milky as baby food and equally as comforting and sweet.

Sweatha from TastyCurryLeaf contributes a Portugese version of rice pudding, a creamy lemon and cinnamon-scented Arroz Doce.

Soma from eCurry prepares a sweet, indulgent breakfast of Crêpes with Strawberry and Orange Compote to satisfy her ravenous appetite one Sunday morning.

Laura from The Spiced Life remembers a treasured family pony with these Salty Chocolate Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies.

This Upside-Down Caramel-Pear Chocolate Cake by Muneeba from An Edible Symphony is a magical amalgamation that will leave you weeping for more. Serve with caution.

Scrumptious from In my Box rescues the mushy apples from her CSA box with this sublime vegan and gluten-free Apple Upside-Down Cake.

Rose from Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum contributes an exceptionally moist and tender Whipped Cream Cake, one of the most popular cakes from her newest book, Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.

Lubna from Yummy Food pampers her taste buds with this beloved Rava Kesari, a rich semolina dessert.

After an exhaustive search for that elusive New York cheesecake texture using only ingredients available to her in France, Pamela from The Cooking Ninja finally strikes gold in time for an important birthday with this  Lemon and Orange Cheesecake.

Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi fortify themselves against iron deficiency anaemia with this naturally moist and sticky  Ironwoman Date-Orange Cake.

Smitha from Kannada Cuisine recalls a rustic and very ancient family recipe for Belladanna, a sweet and nourishing rice dessert that is especially good for new mothers.

Rajani from Eatwritethink solves a case of sour grapes by making a soothing Grape Jelly.

Jamie from Life’s a Feast enters SHF for the first time with these rich and creamy Chocolate Petits Pots that are an adult version of a childhood pleasure.

Saveur from Taste Space invokes global harmony with these melt-in-the-mouth World Peace (Korova) Cookies.

Vicky from Sweets at Vicky’s soothes her nerves after a hard day by making Roasted Banana Cupcakes with extra frosting.

Deeba from Passionate About Baking gives way to her citrus emotions with this  Gâteau à l’Orange and a sprinkling of orange sugar.

Sarah from What Smells So Good? turns an old brownie recipe into these irresistible Cadillac Brownies, vegan and protein-rich treats especially for convalescing children.

Babe_KL from Babe in the City – KL returns to SHF with a warming Apple and Persimmon Crumble topped with cold vanilla ice-cream.

Asha from Fork-Spoon-Knife brings a smile to her neighbour’s face with these rich and comforting Cranberry Squares.

Nate and Annie from House of Annie put an abundance of fresh bananas to good use by making this tender and moist Banana Nut Bread.

Bash from Easy Recipes prepares a melt-in-the-mouth dessert of Gulab Jamuns, deep-fried sweet balls of khoya served in a sugar syrup.

Julie follows her first impulse and bakes a supremely moist and tender Flourless Cocoa-Almond Genoise.

Sarah from Maison Cupcake takes comfort from the healthy blueberries paired with a thick sweet and spicy cinnamon paste in these Blueberry and Cinnamon Tarts.

Susan emailed me her recipes for these beautiful Iced Butter Biscuits and …

… these temptingly more-ish Chocolate Cinnamon Squares, all-time favourites in her household.

Stephanie from About.com: Cooking for Kids rejects chocolate in favour of these Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that remind her of childhood snack times.

My little sister Lucy reveals a secret family recipe for this deliciously lurid and gluten-free Raspberry Fluff.

Koki from Cooking with Koki laments her lack of a cookie tree and comforts herself by baking these Orange and Almond Cookies instead.

Judith from Foodie Loves Baking craves something warm and comforting to warm her soul on a winter morning, so makes a Crock Pot Rice Pudding in a cherished heirloom.

Rujuta from The World According to Rujuta prepares a simple but regal Sheera (Sweet semolina), a sweet dessert that she finds irresistible.

My Mum got my Dad to email me her Fantastic Fruity Flapjack recipe – it’s not hyperbole; our family all agree that her flapjack truly is fantastic!

Good times roll again when Cristie from Edible Antics recognizes this Sour Cream Coffee Cake as an edible thread in the fabric of her life.

Sheetal from Eats, Eats & Eats relieves a challenging time in graduate core classes by making May’s Egg Tarts from a dearest friend’s recipe.

Ruchikacooks from Ruchikacooks gives thanks to the goddess for her support in tough times by lighting a Mavilakku (Sweet flour lamp) made from rice flour and ghee.

Graziana from Erbe in Cucina serves these delicious Pains aux Raisins warm at breakfast for a sweet awakening.

Cathy from Aficionado contemplates beauty and finds comfort in these soothing and spicy Chocolate Pepper Cookies from South Africa.

Kitty from Fahrenheit 350° shares an old family favourite, an incredibly indulgent and sinfully rewarding Candy Bar Pizza.

Jennifer from The Domestic Goddess transmits a magical experience from her childhood to her son when they prepare these decadent Profiteroles with Peppermint-Vanilla Ice Cream together.

And finally, my own piece of childhood comfort, A Finger of Fudge.

That’s all folks!

I’d like to offer a huge thank-you to our Domestic Goddess,  Jennifer for starting Sugar High Friday events over 5 years ago and for allowing me to host this January 2010 edition. Don’t forget to check Jennifer’s blog to find out where the party will be taking place next!

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  1. vicvickvicky

     /  January 29, 2010

    Thanks for the lovely theme and for hosting this month’s SHF! 🙂 I had the best time making those cupcakes.

  2. This is such a wonderful round up! A lot to bookmark … I love your finger of fudge.
    Thanks Kate.

  3. thanks for organising this and for the great roundup.

  4. i’ve never heard of finger of fudge before! i wonder what other top stuff we’re missing down here in australia? it definitely looks like something i’ll have to try soon!

  5. Thanks for hosting the event and for accepting my entry. Gorgeous round up with colorful desserts to try out. A sweet attack to gear up for the weekend 🙂

  6. Susan

     /  January 29, 2010

    Thanks Kate for hosting SHF – I do appreciate the time and energy spent in rounding up this event, and it was a pleasure to enter! .. and to try out new recipes!

  7. Wow! That’s an incredible list! I can’t wait to try some,… okay most,… okay ALL of these!

  8. Thanks for giving me so many wonderful things to write about! I had great fun putting together this round-up and I’m looking forward to trying out so many new tasty treats 🙂

  9. Whoa doggies! What a glorious list of goodies! I will have a delicious time reading about them all.

  10. Everything looks so good! Thank you for hosting this lovely event.

  11. Thanks Kate for hosting this round. I feel great to be able to do this again 😉

  12. Everything looks oh, so delicious! I wish this was a stop and taste event too 😀 Thanks for hosting this wonderful event Kate, I really had fun participating!

  13. Thanks so much for hosting this event. The round-up is beautiful!


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