Fantastic Fruity Flapjack

By Mum

It seems to be a weird fact that as you get older you lose your sweet tooth and cake and pudding recipes that once were regulars become relegated to the bottom of the pile. However, in our house, as well as my orange trifle, there is one other all-time favourite that I especially enjoy with a cup of tea after having walked my dog, Biscuit (she likes it too!). It is the one thing I make sure I have in the tin when family come to stay as both sons-in-law will wolf it down and my granddaughter L will have it as a treat for breakfast!

It began, years ago, as the straightforward Be-Ro recipe but has altered and progressed as time has gone by. It is even good served warm with a bowl of Bird’s custard. (Yes you may lick the spoon, Kate!)

Here it is; I hope you enjoy it.

Fantastic Fruity Flapjack

4oz margarine/butter
1 generous tablespoon golden syrup
4oz sugar
4oz oats
2oz self raising flour
2oz crushed Cornflakes
A selection of any:- sultanas/raisins/chopped cherries/apricots/dates

Melt butter and syrup in pan.

Crush Cornflakes in a large bowl.

Add oats, sugar and flour and stir well.

Add selection of fruit/nuts.

Stir in melted butter and syrup.

Press down firmly in a 12” x 8” (approx.) Swiss roll tin.

Cook at 150 degrees C for approximately 15 minutes.

When cooked, but still soft, remove from oven and cut into fingers.

Leave in tin to cool.

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