I’m a Star!

This blog post (and the modest title!) comes to you from M, my 7-year old daughter …

I’m a Star!

Today I woke up in need to bake some cookies. I found a cook book full of treats and surprises and finally found a recipe that sounded very nice.

So I went to the work top and got all the ingredients out so I would be ready, but one of the ingredients wasn’t there. I searched the shops in need of this special ingredient but I couldn’t find it. I know, I thought. I’ll go back home and get into the spacecraft and whizz into space and ask the aliens for some stardust.

In I got, buckled myself in and typed which planet I wanted to go to. I typed in Mars. And……..

Zoom, off I went. I got the stardust and went back down to Earth again.

Right, I thought to myself. I’ve got all the ingredients I need so now it’s time to get baking.


First I weighed the butter (5 oz) and then put the butter away in the big mixing bowl . Then I got out the stardust (golden caster sugar) and weighed it (5 oz) and put that in the big mixing bowl. I mixed it till light and fluffy. Then I went to get one egg and cracked it into the mixing bowl, then I got the lemon juice (two tablespoons) and tipped that in the big mixing bowl too. Then I mixed it all up.


After a while I got the flour (12 oz) and mixed that all up as well. Then I put it in the star chiller (fridge) for 10 to 15 minutes until it was firm.

After 10 minutes I got it out of the star chiller and placed it between 2 pieces of Clingfilm and slowly rolled it out. Then I got my star cutter and cutted some stars and put them on some trays ready to go into the star cosy (oven).


I put them in the star cosy for 7 minutes. When I took them out I left them to cool on a wire rack.

Now I had to make the icing for them. To make the icing, I got some icing sugar and some lemon juice and mixed them together and then got some twinkle sprinkles (sprinkles) and placed them on the cookies. Then ahhh, all the stars went zooming off to space ready for the night.


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  1. Lucy

     /  February 10, 2013

    What an exciting journey you had, M! C is looking forward to possibly doing some baking with you all when we visit in half term!! Luvnhugs, Aunty Lucy

  2. Dad

     /  February 10, 2013

    Brilliant M. They look really tasty.
    Granny has read your blog and told me that after talking with Aunty Lucy there is a likelihood of making flapjack and buns when C visits at half term.
    Dad (aka Grandpa)
    xxx ooo

  3. They look delicious

  4. Gorgeous! I’m inspired. I may have to make some starry sparkle biscuits tomorrow too.


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