Cow Pat Crunch

My husband is almost entirely without a sweet tooth. He wishes I would devote my time to making cheese rather than cakes and cookies. Until my son came along, he was convinced that chocolate was a ‘girl thing’. However, he has recently been craving something he calls ‘Cow Pat Crunch’.

It turned out that ‘Cow Pat Crunch’ was a dessert from his childhood, boarding-school days. He described it to me as a chocolatey topping with dollops of cream on a crushed-biscuit base. Hmm.

Angel Delight?” I suspected.

“No, no, no,” he assured me.

“… a tasty and convenient powdered pudding that’s quick and easy to make – just add milk and whip!”

He would never have liked it if it had been Angel Delight … would he?

With friends coming for dinner yesterday evening, I decided to phone his former housemistress to discover this winning recipe. She was tickled pink to hear about my husband’s fond memories of her cooking. The ingredients … 6 to 8 oz of McVitie’s Digestive biscuits, 3 to 4 oz of butter … and a packet of Angel Delight, she confided!

Well, here we have a faithful reproduction of the original Cow Pat Crunch. Somewhat amusingly, it passed my husband’s (blind) taste test!

Cow Pat Crunch

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  1. That is funny! So glad to know that no cow pats were harmed in it’s recreation. But it does look good.
    Isn’t it funny how some really simple thing takes a husband’s fancy?
    My husband loves it when I do what he calls ‘those fancy potatoes you do’.
    The ‘fancy potatoes’ are: left over cold shriveled microwaved potatoes. I take of the skins, cut to chunky bites, season with salt and pepper and lightly fry in butter. Ta-da!
    For heaven sakes, you’d think they were Cordon Bleu!

  2. Roz

     /  January 22, 2008

    One of our favourite cakes was “old boots” – my Mum accidentally made it when making a chocolate cake and forgot to add the eggs. It became a family special.

    Cow pats, old boots, what next?

  3. “…cold shriveled microwaved potatoes” … ooo, you make them sound sooo tempting, Melinda!

    Is ‘Old Boots’ different from your other family favourite, the underbaked-chocolate-cake-served-with-a-spoon, Ros? 😉

  4. Ros Martin

     /  February 9, 2008

    At last I have made cowpat crunch and it is great. G and friend were rather late leaving to go the cinema so they climbed into the back of the car, complete with cowpats. Lots of shrieking “we’re eating cowpats in the car”. Please, more recipes with funny names….


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