Diet of Worms

I wonder how many History students will end up on this page …

Unfortunately, I can tell you zip all about the events of 1521 at the Imperial Diet of Worms in the Holy Roman Empire. My A-level History teacher was obviously wasting her time in trying to educate me on that one.

No, these are the right sorts of worms – the sort that interest T.


As far as I know, he has never actually eaten a worm, although that isn’t saying much. As far as I know, he has never eaten any peas, cheese, pasta or mashed potato … and he will not ever never eat a tomato. Not even if you call it a moonsquirter.

Nevertheless, it was T’s idea to bake a worm cake.


That’s why I can’t offer any fluffy chicks or cute bunnies on this Easter weekend.

Only worms.


Worm Cake

Take a basic chocolate Easter egg nest recipe, press it all into the base of a circular pan and decorate with jelly worms (or snakes that do a good impression of worms).