Wanted: Three Scarecrows

Wanted: Three Scarecrows for heavy-duty work minding extensive vegetable plots in a thriving kitchen garden. Training will be provided.

Experience of catching bunnies in the lettuces …

… is desirable but not essential.

Sorry, no recipes this month, with or without the lettuce. My three newly-appointed scarecrows became sick shortly after their trial period in the organic kitchen garden at Knightshayes Court (no causal effect implied) and I have spent the rest of May cleaning carpets rather than baking pans.

However, I do have one piece of good news. Rose is coming to stay with us again in Devon in September this year, and she’ll be bringing Woody with her this time, too! So – if anyone would like to be included in our reunion, please do leave a comment below and I’ll make sure that I email you nearer the time with details of when and where we’ll be having a get-together during their visit 🙂 .

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  1. Lucy

     /  May 30, 2011

    Hello! Hope the team is feeling better again now. Sending lots of hugs and kisses from Aunty Lucy.
    Fancy using soporific in a kids’ book…don’t make ’em like that any more!
    Keep me posted about when Rose is coming over: it would be lovely to meet her.
    Luvnhugs as always, Lucy xxxxxooooo

  2. Jeannette Mara

     /  May 30, 2011

    If I am down in Ottery at that time I wouldn’t want to miss seeing Rose, it was wonderful the last time! I hope your family are better by now, they look lovely in the picture. Have you heard from Melinda, she seems to be away from her blog, I do hope she is well, and it would be lovely to see her again if she is in Devon in September.

    • I haven’t heard from Melinda for a while, Jeannette – although I do still check her blog regularly in the hopes that she’s made something since those peanut butter cookies (as delicious as they were!). Fingers crossed we’re able to meet up again in September. It would be lovely to meet your husband and your daughter again too :-).

  3. I love your three scarecrows! Unfortunately my garden/small patch of mud isn’t big enough to warrant employment of three such wonderful scarecrows, and the cat does a pretty good effort out in the back yard, not that there’s anything much out there that needs protecting from crows … and the crows round here come in the guise of pigeons and seagulls :O( Still, I do love your scarecrows. I hope they’re better now.

    • They’re absolutely fine now, Becky – thanks 🙂 In fact, they’re so darned fine that I’d be happy to send them up to your patch of mud for a while!! They could do with some serious employment – something to wear them out a little!
      And welcome to A Merrier World – it’s lovely to see you here 🙂

  4. My ears were burning from this direction! Are you tired of those peanut butter cookies then? I’ll have you know I’ve been paintin’ and dec’ratin the house since Nov. 2010. Hopefully to be baking again soon.
    A visit with Rose and Woody and you all would be fab. Do you have details of day in September?

    Your little scarecrows are growing up something frightful!

  5. They’re terrifying, aren’t they?! And they haven’t even reached teenager-hood yet … yikes.
    Wow Melinda, your house must be enormous 😉 . Looking forward to seeing you again in Sep – I’ll email you details when I’ve thought about places to meet, things to do etc (any ideas gratefully received).


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