Candyfloss Clouds

I have to keep reminding myself that we’re in the middle of the summer holidays. Apart from during one brief, glorious spell of sunshine yesterday, the seas reflect the grey of the skies and our car boot is filled with waterproofs and wellies rather than swimsuits and suncream.

Perhaps the weather is to blame for the strange sightings of unidentified flying objects around our house these last few evenings. When three small children and one barely-grown-up adult are cooped up together during the day while the rain pours outside, it’s hardly surprising that weird gizmos rise to the surface eventually.

flying floss machine

This particular flying floss machine had been stored (what do you mean, “hidden”?) under a bed for some time. Oh, it’s not that we didn’t appreciate the present, Aunty Lucy – really, honestly, truly, L thought it was the best present in the whole wide world. It’s just that … well … it’s a candyfloss maker! You know – candyfloss – that sticky, sickly, sticky, sticky, sticky stuff. Emphasis on sticky.

Well, I’m here today to tell anyone who has a candyfloss maker hidden under their bed: “It’s okay.  H o n e s t l y.”

I take it all back. Not only is it the simplest thing in the world to clean, it doesn’t spread gobs of icky-hot sugar all over your kitchen walls and ceiling at all. At least, ours doesn’t. And even O has finally been won over by its charms (no, that doesn’t extend to his actually trying any of the stuff – it’s more in appreciation of the pleasure it gives to his sweeter-toothed offspring).

Look, it’s easy. You set it spinning around for a bit while it heats up and prepares for take-off …

taking off

… and then you scoop some granulated sugar (the manual was quite specific about that – ‘use ONLY granulated sugar’) into the middle.


After that, you set it spinning again and wait for the fine, gossamer strands to start appearing. Wind these onto a paper cone …

fluffy floss

… and hand to someone with extremely high sugar tolerance levels.

holding candyfloss

Can you catch a candyfloss cloud on your tongue this summer?

candy cloud

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  1. Jeannette

     /  August 6, 2009


  2. Dad

     /  August 7, 2009

    That’s what younger siblings are for, to tell us older people what we’ve been missing.
    Splendid stuff.

  3. Your children must be the coolest among their friends. I can only imagine what mine would say if they went to a friend’s house and made candyfloss!

  4. I love cotton candy, as I would say in my native tongue.

  5. I don’t know which is more beautiful – your little girl or the cotton candy! Fantastic pictures too!

  6. Thanks, everyone 🙂
    We’re planning to make candyfloss (‘cotton candy’ always sounds a bit like the name of a bunny rabbit to me, for some reason!) at L’s 7th birthday party on Sunday … fingers crossed they all enjoy it!

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