Spreading Ideas on Bread

The school term has started again with a vengeance. As my three children grow, so does the rate of their after-school activities and the general level of intervention required of me to maintain peace at home (I’m sure our neighbours will be questioning my levels of success on that last point – just be relieved you don’t live next-door to us!).

I have some interesting posts in the pipeline for the near future, including my conversation with Cynthia from Tastes Like Home. In the meantime, I hope you’ll excuse me while I try to organise my household a little (it’s incredible, the mess that three under-7-year-olds can generate over the course of an Easter holiday) before leaving to visit my parents next week.

If the next part of this post works, it’s to the credit of WordPress 🙂 . Some of you may have noticed that I included a link to TED in my blogroll a few months ago. Well, WordPress has recently made it possible for us to embed video talks from the TED series directly in our blogs. There are many that I would love to recommend. For starters however, I’d like to refer you to Peter Reinhart’s reflection on the combination of ingredients that give us our daily bread.

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  1. Thank you! This was fantastic. I am now heading over to ted.com to see more great stuff.

  2. I’ve watched other TED videos and I’m psyched to see this one.

  3. Hi Cynthia and Sue – I love the TED idea – there’s a really great talk on statistics (can’t remember which one right now, but it manages to be hilarious and profound at the same time – well worth watching).

  4. I’ll take a look. I can always use a laugh.

  5. Thanks for the TED view. At this very moment I am baking a PR bread…not wholegrain though! I am a huge fan of PR’s. Love his recipes and his bagels are my favourites too.
    Looking forward to see what else is available to watch on TED.


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