Apple Custard Autumn

I’ve been even busier than usual recently as O has been away from home taking professional exams in the States. The children have been wonderful in his absence, but they don’t leave many opportunities in the day (or night!) for sitting in front of a computer. On the other hand, M (my 3 yr-old) has developed a passion for baking of all sorts. I have only to look at a wooden spoon or whisk and she’s dragging a chair across the kitchen so that she can climb up beside me and ‘help’. She knows exactly what goes into our bread (“flour, water, salt and east”, as she says!) and can even turn her very own pastry into “jam hearts”.

With the start of a new term and thoughts of Christmas in the not-too-distant future (believe me, they are already counting down the sleeps!), my 2 girls have also been very aware of the increasing signs of Autumn since O has been away, especially on our daily morning walks to school when their misty breath hangs in the air. Last year, I wrote about the apples that are in abundance at this time here in Devon and once again, it seemed fitting to turn to the fruit in our baking at home. And so today, M and I made Apple Custard Cupcakes from a recipe that (sshhh … I copied out of a book before sending it to my sister a couple of days ago as a birthday present) … hrmmmm *clears throat noisily.*

If I wasn’t staring at the dwindling possible hours of sleep left to me tonight, I’d post the recipe right now. If my children hadn’t woken me several times every night for this last month, then possibly I’d welcome the thought of staying up beyond their bedtime to write out the recipe. As it is, I’m wimping out and going to bed, leaving you (for now!) with only a photo of our latest baking adventure.

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  1. Janice Gordon

     /  October 3, 2008

    Hi Kate

    Just popped into your blog to see how you are getting on. Hope you managed to catch up on your sleep.

    Many happy returns on the 1st birthday of your blog.

    I’m still using Kate Flour and have labelled my flour caddy with that name so I know where the magic flour is stored. Thanks for all your encouragement to get me baking.

    I’m waiting for you to do an icing special – I’m a bit wary of the buttercreams where the eggs aren’t cooked but the ones with shortening (or in the UK Trex) taste a bit yucky!

    Anyway keep up the good work. Your builders probably won’t want to finish your house as they will be enjoying the baking that much.

    Best wishes


  2. realfoodlover

     /  October 5, 2008

    Hi Kate

    When you post the recipe, do feel free to link it to my food blog competition on real f0od. Home baking could not get more real (and love the jam hearts and east for baking – you could market an entire brand with those!)

    Deadline 8 October GMT midnight

  3. Hi Janice – good to hear from you again 🙂
    I never really get a chance to practice any buttercreams with the hungry hoards in my household – the most I managed was a RLB basis with added Nutella for my elder daughter’s 6th birthday in August. With an audience of so many children, I used pasturised egg-white powder by Supercook.

    I’m biting my nails, Elisabeth in awareness of your deadline and hoping that I’ll get a chance to write up a post I’ve been planning that ties in (coincidentally, in a way you suggest!). Aargh – I could really do with some extra hours (preferably child-free!!) in a day!

  1. Apple Custard Autumn: The Recipe « A Merrier World

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