Dumfries and Galloway

We’ve just returned from a family holiday in Kirkcudbright, a vibrant harbour town in the South West of Scotland (pronounced ‘cur-coo-bree’). We arrived towards the end of the annual summer festivities and enjoyed an evening of pipe bands and Scottish country dancing, followed by an excellent ‘Haggis Supper’ at Polarbites in Harbour Square (sorry, no recipe here for haggis!).

I wish that I’d discovered this Savour the Flavours website before we left Devon for Scotland … although I doubt that we’d have been able to savour much more than we actually did as our holiday time was largely accounted for by visiting beaches and castles with the children. If you ever find yourself in the region however, I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the Cream o Galloway at Rainton Farm. Their produce (ice-cream, yummm) is prolific. It seems as though every newsagent, corner-shop and hotel in Dumfries and Galloway stocks at least a mini-tub or two of ‘Cream o Galloway’ ice-cream. As we discovered on our guided tour (complete with tasting opportunities), the ice-cream dairy uses organic milk produced by Ayrshire cows on Rainton Farm. The milk and cream from these cows is responsible for the beautiful creamy richness that is characteristic of the ‘Cream o Galloway’ ice-cream we sampled.

I’m now left hankering after an ice-cream maker … gingerbread ice-cream, here I come! (Watch this space …).

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  1. Jeannette

     /  October 12, 2007

    By coincidence, we were up in Scotland last week, my husband is from Dundee. If you treat yourself to and ice-cream maker don’t make my mistake and buy the smaller version, a 1.5 lt. size is much more sensible! Mine is a Magimix and makes good ice cream but I do wish it was a bit bigger capacity!

  2. amerrierworld

     /  October 13, 2007

    Thanks for that tip, Jeannette. I’m sure my kids would prefer me to buy a larger ice-cream maker too!


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